Mature exhibitionist LuLu goes out looking for sex wearing crotchless pantyhose

Lulu is wearing the perfect dress for her massive tits so when she goes looking for sex contacts on sites like SexDatingX she knows full well she gonna get laid. There are two giant holes that let her boobs hang right out. On top of that, the crotch is wide open to let her pussy lips always stick out and look for fun. She loves to have her hot body on full display and the dress is making her extremely horny. Not only is the photographer seeing her, but she knows that her pictures are going to go everywhere. Being able to show herself off to so many people makes her hole gush with anticipation and she can’t help but take care of business.

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She spreads her legs wide and makes sure to let the camera have a good long look at what she has to offer. Then her hand automatically starts to make its way down there. Her clit is swollen and aching and needs to be rubbed by her. Her hole is soaking wet and begging to be filled up. She mashes her palm against her clit and closes her eyes in pure pleasure. It’s enough to let her relax for just a little bit. She needs to finish up the shoot before she can sit back and fuck herself.