Caught Wanda Ablee butt naked in the woods outside Dallas, Texas

Ok, so I didn’t really catch her naked in the woods but what if I did though, what if you did, what would you do? I’d like to think I’d just get my cock out and knock a quick one out but if was really in this scenario then who knows.

Women taking their clothes off in the woods though don’t come along to often and certainly they’re not as hot as Wanda Ablee. Red hair, tattoos, a sexy body and she doesn’t care who see’s her naked – a real exhibitionist. I tell you what,  I’d kick the wife on the door step and  marry her tomorrow. These risky outdoor photos were taken by Zishy which by the way has some of the most stunning models you could ever wish to see.

I love the black leggings girls wear these days. Especially when they stick up their pussy and you can see the cameltoe. I like that. And, don’t be a fool, they know what they’re doing. They like it, they like to see you look down and glance at their crotch, at the material sticking up their pussy.
So damn firm! I love firm tits but then again who doesn’t?
Oh shit, I’ve gone ans fucked up now. I’m going to end up blind, I know it.
This is the one though. What a site. Wanda Ablee totally naked in the forest. I mean WTF, how come I can never stumble on something this beautiful in my forest?

Photos from: Zishy